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Version Descripción

Visible fixes on the site:

  • Improved processing of PDF files
  • Fixed a bug that did not allow to recognize many pages from PDF
  • The selected active menu item is highlighted in the recognition section

Edits which are not visible on the site:

  • Updated OS Fedora and all software on the server to the latest versions
  • Updated Laravel framework to version 7
  • Code refactoring

Minor edits and fixes for PDF
  • Added new functionality for saving edited text (when AdBlock is disabled and if you are the owner of the post)
  • Removed the Facebook widget (the third time the number of likes went wrong)
  • Changes to the backend code

This update affects 26 files. What has been done:

  • Improved micro-layout for info pages
  • Added information "About the company"
  • Updated FAQs
  • Service edits

We rewrote this changelog and entered the information into the database.
Added FAQs.


New Deploy script under Laravel. Refactoring JS


Fallback download for users who have older browsers installed. Optimization of loading styles. Minor edits.


Update Laravel 5.7 -> 5.8, bugfixes


New recognition languages added. Minor edits

0.6.0 R

Switching the site to Laravel. Bugs fixed and just a fun Saturday :)