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0.6.0 R

Switching the site to Laravel. Bugs fixed and just a fun Saturday :)


Prerelease version on Laravel


Updated OS + Tesseract on servers using the latest software release without using the Laravel framework.


Added loading screenshot through CTRL+V.


Added Chinese interface language. Refactoring.


We added the functionality to remove requests from the history and to add an auto background for the holidays. OG Image, New Deploy Script.


Minor text edits. RavenJS is added. The rewriting of the platform to the Laravel framework has begun.


Integration of the new design. Updates refer to the interface and the addition of the following new functionalities:
• upload files by drag and drop;
• opportunity to export the document to Doc, Google Docs, PDF;
• translation of the text;
• spell-checking;
The site has become better and more convenient for users. But we plan to implement many other functions and additions in the future.


Added beta support a reading PDF documents. Drawn a new design and made markup


French was added as interface language. AJAX processing and Cli requests were revised