Is this service confidential?
  • Your privacy is important to us. The file that you sent for recognition is physically stored for up to one week. After this period, it is automatically deleted. Each request has a unique link and is available only to you. You can share the link with your friends. Results pages are not allowed for indexing by search systems, but they can be viewed by AdSense - a contextual advertising robot.
  • The result of processing (recognition) is stored for up to two years. You have the option to delete recognition requests from the browser from which the file was downloaded.
Does the service have an API?

After moving to Laravel, we have not yet made functionality for the API.

I cannot find the requests that I sent

Probably, you have the ad blocker turned on or the mode not to track in the browser is turned on. Our service does not identify the user by IP, but by Google Analytics ID.

What should ideally look like?

It should be a scan copy or photo of the document, with the text placed horizontally, see an example below.

How many text recognitions can I make per day?

Currently, there are no restrictions

What file formats can I upload?

You can upload JPG, JPEG, PNG and PDF files.

Can I recognize more than one image at a time?

Currently, only one sheet can be recognized at a time.

What is the maximum file size?

The file size limit is 8 MB

How long does it take to process one request?

It all depends on the load on the server. It can last from a few seconds to two minutes.

Can I recognize captcha?

No, this is prohibited. The result of the captcha recognition will be blocked.

I accidentally deleted my original file from my computer. Can I get a copy of the file from the service?

If you recently downloaded it, you can download it on the “My Inquiries” page. Files will be physically deleted after 2-7 days.

Do search systems see what I downloaded?

No, pages with results are not allowed to be indexed in the robots.txt file. Only Media partners-Google adware can see the information

My doctor wrote a text that I cannot understand. Can the program recognize the handwritten text?

The service cannot recognize handwritten text :(

Does the site have a mobile or desktop application?

We do not have such applications at the moment.